Couples and Pre-marital

Acculturation     Divorce                    Parenting

Adjustment       Relationship Issues   Coping Skills     

Anxiety             Self-Esteem             PTSD/Trauma

Attachment       Stress                     Anger Management

Depression        Parenting                Behavioral Issues 

Dr. Farhad is currently supervising:

Sylvana Elali, AMFT# 102371           Irma Fragoso, AMFT# 101801

Alexander Feldt, AMFT# 102977       Jordan Davis, AMFT# 108446

Dennis Williams, AMFT# 104275       Brittany Webb, AMFT# 104789

Kaitlyn Thomas, AMFT# 95701         Maria Valencia, AMFT# 105196

Angga Rahadyan, AMFT#110429      Jovanna Borquez, AMFT #95175



Offering support on an individual basis using CBT, Psychodynamic or an eclectic approach to support your needs

Helping to ensure a foundation upon which couples can build a healthy and supportive relationship 

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Enhancing the family unit and empowering the system to function more effectively