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Couples and Pre-marital

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Helping to ensure a foundation upon which couples can build a healthy and supportive relationship 

Offering support on an individual basis using CBT, Psychodynamic or an eclectic approach to support your needs




Acculturation     Divorce                    Parenting

Adjustment       Relationship Issues   Coping Skills     

Anxiety             Self-Esteem             PTSD/Trauma

Attachment       Stress                     Anger Management

Depression        Parenting                Behavioral Issues 

Dr. Farhad is currently supervising:            

Alexander Feldt, AMFT# 102977       Jordan Davis, AMFT# 108446

Dennis Williams, AMFT# 104275       Brittany Webb, AMFT# 104789

Kaitlyn Thomas, AMFT# 95701         Maria Valencia, AMFT# 105196

Rose Lobato, AMFT# 98636              Cliff Henderson, AMFT# 112911

Jovanna Borquez, AMFT #95175       Seong-Hye Mau, AMFT# 107704